For 55 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Albany has navigated times of tragedy and crisis to provide safe places for kids and teens. Today, we are committed more than ever, to ensure Club staff, members, families, and communities have the resources and support they need to navigate these uncertain times – while also partnering with state and local officials to do more.

Today, kids and communities need Clubs more than ever. COVID-19 has swiftly spread across this country, creating fear, anxiety, and uncertainty for the kids and families we serve. With schools closed and basic necessities hard to find, we are providing access to critical resources – from meals to virtual programming – so our Club families have fewer things to worry about during these uncertain times.


During this unprecedented time of crisis, we are ALL in this together and we need YOUR HELP. With your financial support we can continue to bring hope and sustain what we are doing now in the heart of this pandemic, and provide more opportunities when we emerge strong so that we can effectively serve our youth, families, and communities through the recovery. Unfortunately, know that the greatest suffering that will occur as a result of COVID-19 and the many ramifications on society because of the disease will be felt by those in poor and marginalized communities. We expect that Boys & Girls Clubs of Albany’s families, and others like them, will most likely struggle more and longer, paying a disproportionate price as they always do.

THE SOLUTION: HOPE for the Holidays

Hope is never cancelled! Boys & Girls Clubs of Albany is continuing during the holiday season with HOPE for the Holidays to support kids and families in Albany/Dougherty County, Macon and Sumter Counties who are being impacted by the COVID-19 crisis today and in recovery efforts in the future.

Your gift of $1 a day, $25 a month or $75 a quarter will continue to help us meet the needs of Club members and families by providing essentials like food, take-home educational materials, and virtual programming. It will also help us rebuild as we continue to adapt and evolve, doing whatever it takes to meet the needs of our kids, families and the Southwest Georgia community.

Together, we can make sure that our kids and families have what they need to remain resilient and recover from this crisis.


To make your contribution to the HOPE for the Holidays Campaign, you can complete the online payment form or text Hope365 to 41444. Gifts can be made annually or by making a long-term commitment of 3-5 years. Contributions to the Hope for the Holidays Campaign may qualify for the CARES Act. For more information please click here.

*For all daily and weekly pledges, the total monthly amount will be processed on the 30th or last business day of each month.